Counselling in Douglas, Cork City

Overwhelmed by stress, anxiety or panic attacks? Depressed or just plain stuck? Affected by trauma? Anger management issues? Relationship troubles? Sick and exhausted? Self-esteem at rock bottom?

Let’s see how I can help you to turn your life around. I use effective and scientifically-proven methods to equip you with the skills to take control of your life.  I work in a focused and cost-effective way – most clients have 4 sessions or less.  Adults, couples and teenagers 16 years and older

Covering Cork city and county. Appointments often available at short notice if required. Plenty of free parking. Skype / phone sessions available.

Book an appointment now on 087 993 4541.

Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Modern life can be extremely tough at times but I can teach you techniques to manage anxiety, stress and panic attacks so that the symptoms can be completely eliminated. READ MORE >


Depression is simply our reaction to difficult life events and using a solution-focused approach you can start to look forward and take back control of your life. READ MORE >

Self Esteem

If you are suffering from low self-esteem, I can help you to develop a sense of self to ensure a more fulfilling life. READ MORE >


Therapy can help survivors of abuse express and process difficult emotions associated with the abuse and develop self-compassion and self-care. READ MORE

Stress-related illness

The sheer stress of modern day life can affect how our bodies feel and function. This can contribute to health problems including chronic pain and fatigue. READ MORE >

Trauma & PTSD

Traumatic events can have a devastating effect but there are many strategies that can help you work through feelings of fear and grief and develop resilience. READ MORE >


Most of us feel guilty after an angry outburst and want to stop. Indeed we might promise to stop, but “lose it” again and again. READ MORE >

Relationship Counselling

Not surprisingly relationship issues can play a major role in our emotional wellbeing and can be a factor in many common difficulties such as anxiety, stress, problems sleeping & even depression. READ MORE >

Teenager Counselling

Counselling can be a chance to open up what is going on for a teenager, to gain self-understanding, and to develop coping strategies to make it through tough times. READ MORE >