My guarantee to you
  • To provide you with a safe space with complete confidentiality
  • To work with you in a way that suits your individual needs.
  • To measure your progress every step of the way.
  • To learn new skills that you can apply immediately to manage your stress.
Face to face sessions

Stress-free private parking in Douglas, on 207 bus route from city centre (bus stops outside). Each counselling session lasts about an hour and costs €60. For couples counselling sessions, I generally advise booking a one and a half hour session, costing €90 or a 2 hour session costing €120.

Skype or phone sessions

If you are unable to come to my practice, you might like to consider the option of counselling by Skype or by phone. In my experience, these options can work extremely well.  Exactly the same conditions apply as for face to face counselling and sessions last an hour and cost €60. Please contact me and I can give you further details.

What I need from you

It’s very important to approach counselling (and life in general) as an equal participant. In order to feel better and to get to where we want to be in life we have to engage – I recommend an approach based on the 3 “C”s!  1)  Committed — keep going no matter what  2) Consistent —  work at it every day  3) Creative — look for new options and solutions.

My sessions with you will be all about encouraging self-reliance, confidence and lasting emotional health in a safe, confidential and supportive space. In the first session we decide whether we feel that we can work together and look at what your goals are. Some people find that a short term solution-focused approach (where we start from where you are now and focus on getting you to where you’d like to be in as few sessions as possible) is the right one for them. Others find that they need to take things more slowly and really look at things in depth. I use the most up to date, effective psychological techniques based on a modern understanding of the brain/mind/body system and what people really need to thrive and be happy.

At the start of our sessions I usually ask you complete some short questionnaires (ticking boxes) about how you have been feeling over the past week. The reason for this is that you can then look back and see clearly the progress that you have made over the weeks. If you are interested I have lots of hand-outs with useful tips about emotional health and lists of useful books and Internet resources, plus my own free audio relaxation CDs. I will also note down and give you a list of any goals that you might have decided that you want to work on between sessions.

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