Trauma and the Brain

trauma and the brain


When we are recovering from trauma and PTSD, it is great to talk and to learn powerful new tools and techniques. But I always find that spending a bit of time just explaining to clients about trauma and the … Read more

Safe Trauma Recovery

Safe trauma recovery

When we start on our path to recovery from trauma and PTSD, it’s very important that before we do anything else, we think about ways in which we can help ourselves to feel safe, to feel protected from further danger … Read more

Track Your Progress!

track your progress!

One of the most important tasks I ask ALL my clients to do, whether they are recovering from serious trauma or just thinking about making a few small life changes, is: Track your progress!

Making any kind of changes in … Read more




My previous few blog articles have looked at the devastating effect shame after trauma can have on us.  This article describes how the use of a simple but powerful tool known as an anchor,  can help you to combat … Read more