Stress and Burnout

This is my second blog looking at Emily and Amelia Nagoski's an excellent book about stress and burnout, Burnout: The Secret To Solving The Stress Cycle.  The Nagoskis offer straightforward solutions based on science but first we have to really understand what is meant by “the stress cycle” and how…

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Modern life is complex and stressful and we all suffer mental and physical exhaustion at times. When does exhaustion become burnout? And what exactly is meant by burnout?  What is burnout? The term was first used in 1975 by German psychologist Herbert Freudenberger. Much research has been done since and…

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What is Grounding? People often use the expression “I need to stay grounded” when they feel themselves being pulled too much into overthinking and worrying about things or being pulled into very strong emotions. As a counsellor, I find that knowing and using grounding tools and techniques can make a…

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What is happiness and how can we hope to achieve it? That is I suppose one of life's Big Questions and one that we spend most of our lives trying to work out for ourselves! But I think that the work of American Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who I have…

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A State of Flow

What makes a life worth living? What do we really need in order to be happy? If you have ever felt completely absorbed in something, you might have been experiencing a mental state that psychologists refer to as a state of flow. Achieving this state can help people feel greater…

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Angela Duckworth TED Talks Education, at the BAM Harvey Lichtenstein Theater. Filmed April 4, 2013. Photo: Ryan Lash


How are we coping with the new lockdown restrictions and worries about the pandemic as we go into 2021? Silly question - it's a tough time for all of us and most of us are just about hanging on in there by our fingertips - keeping small, keeping safe and…

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