Abuse counselling Cork

Are you suffering from the effects of childhood sexual abuse?

Such as depression, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, anxiety, anger?

Do you block out the past because it’s just too painful?

Do you feel isolated & avoid close personal relationships & relationships with family?

Do you suffer from eating disorders, alcohol or drug abuse?

In the past few years in Ireland, public awareness of child sexual abuse, has become more widespread with a tremendous number of incidents of sexual abuse coming to light and a more open discussion of sexual abuse. Hopefully, over time, this will also reduce some of the stigma, shame and isolation that people who have experienced sexual abuse can feel.

People who experience sexual abuse, whether in a single incident or a series of incidents over a period of time, can often experience trauma and in some cases develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For many who have been sexually abused there is a danger of suffering in silence because they do not know that the symptoms they are experiencing are actually PTSD symptoms. The reason for this is that PTSD symptoms can arise many years after the abuse took place so the individual might not connect their symptoms to the abuse.

Having flashbacks and nightmares, feeling numb, confused, spacey, intense anxiety and panic are just some of the symptoms of trauma that can arise. Painful thoughts, memories or dreams can be ongoing, bringing about depression, low self-esteem and confidence.

In order to try to block out the abuse or trauma, people sometimes turn to alcohol or drugs, self-harming or eating disorders to ‘cope’.

Some people find difficulty in forming or maintaining intimate and/or trusting relationships in their adult lives. Often people need to talk through their thoughts and feelings in order to try to make some sense of what happened to them and to try to reduce the pain of the past. Sometimes, it is to consider making a decision about seeking justice or to safeguard others. Sometimes when people who have been abused earlier in life go on to have children themselves, it can bring back painful memories.

How I work with Abuse Issues

The damaging effects of childhood sexual abuse can last for many years but it’s never too late to address these issues and to get help. The journey of healing from these wounds can be painful and challenging. For some of us, the wounding can be too great to heal from. However, for others, healing this wounding can open them up to an entirely new experience of connection, empathy and love, both with themselves and others. I offer a safe and confidential space where you can work through things at your own pace, in your own way.

For more information go to both my Healing after Abuse page and my Trauma Recovery page

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