Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Modern life can be extremely tough at times but I can teach you techniques that help you to manage anxiety, stress and panic so that the symptoms can be completely eliminated…Read more.


Contrary to popular belief depression isn’t caused by a chemical in-balance in your brain. It’s simply our reaction to difficult life events and using a solution-focussed approach you can start to look forward and take back control of your life…Read more.


People often come to see a counsellor with one particular issue or a range of issues, not realising that they are connected to a traumatic incident or series of incidents. If we are suffering from these kinds of symptoms after experiencing trauma, we are said to be suffering from “post traumatic stress” or PTSD…Read more.


Are you struggling with: Past memories of abuse, whether physical, sexual or emotional? A current or a past situation of domestic abuse? Withdrawing from or fearing relationships? Feeling sad, depressed and isolated? Having difficulty relaxing and sleeping? A lot of anger and resentment? Read more…


Very few of us feel 100% good about ourselves all of the time. Difficult circumstances or even damaging early experiences can leave us feeling worthless and inadequate. Using the best modern counselling methods, I can help you to feel really happy and comfortable in your own skin…Read more.

Stress-related Illness

Your doctor can’t find anything wrong with you but you feel exhausted and sick all the time. Suffering from the misery caused by chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraine or gut problems? Find new ways to think about and to manage your health and take back control… Read more.

Anger Management

Most people want to control their anger. Most of us feel guilty after an angry outburst and want to stop. Indeed we might promise to stop, but “lose it” again and again. Modern brain science shows that when “triggered”, the brain produces anger in 1/50 of a second… Read more

Relationship Counselling

Our close relationships with other people have a big impact on the quality of our lives and our day-to-day feelings of happiness   or unhappiness. When our relationships are going well they can make us feel good about who we are, valued, confident and loved, or conversely, when they are going badly, they can make us feel the opposite: miserable, bad about ourselves, unable to cope, friendless and alone…Read more

Teenagers Counselling

Counselling can be a chance to open up what is going on for a teenager, to gain self-understanding, and to develop coping strategies to make it through tough times. Some of the issues that can arise are:

  • Understanding how the teenage brain is different to the adult brain
  • Communication – between teenager and parent, siblings,  friends, other adults
  • How to manage emotions such as anxiety, panic attacks, anger or low mood…Read more
Who are my typical clients?

They are all ages, men and women, from all walks of life. Most people who come to see me have never been to a counsellor before and it’s usually quite a big deal for them to take the plunge. The reasons that they have to come to me are broadly the same: The lives we lead today are challenging and it’s easy to feel that things have got on top of us, whether it’s the work environment or home life or a combination of both. As a result we can feel stressed and anxious and eventually this stops us having a good night’s sleep. Life becomes a struggle, we feel miserable and low. The “worry switch” in our brains seems to be permanently on – we can feel the tension across our shoulders and a tightness in our chests. Our physical health might start to suffer – we always seem to feel sick and tired. Some of us start to drink more in order to cope, some of us find we are craving sugary fatty foods or needing more of a nicotine fix to get us going. We know HOW to lead a healthy life, but we just can’t summon the motivation to start to make the necessary changes. Most of the people who come to me have some (or all) of these problems and know they are simply at the point where they are saying “I just can’t cope”. On the positive side, this is the point where miracles can and do happen.


I am still offering in-person appointments (Donnybrook, Douglas, Cork), but from May 2023, my practice will be fully online and accessible from anywhere in Ireland. Book a single session, or come for a series of sessions spread out in whatever way works best for you. You can find out more about online therapy here. 

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