Stress Counselling Cork

Stress counselling Cork

“I’m really stressed!” We spend a lot of time these days telling everyone how stressed we are – whether it’s when we’re stuck in traffic, at work where we feel overloaded and unappreciated, when we’re juggling our home and our work lives, our finances and our relationships, we almost accept that this is the nature of modern life. It can feel like a rollercoaster that we can never get off.

It’s important to recognise that the world around us is not stressful per se – what one person finds stressful, another person may find stimulating. Stress is our reaction to what’s happening. It’s the thoughts that we have about a situation, the endless loop of a story going round in our heads that leads to the rush of adrenalin, the racing thoughts and all those other symptoms of the stress response.

Not only can stress rob us of much of our enjoyment of life, it can actually affect our physical health. Recent research has shown, for example, that it lowers our immune system and makes us more prone to all kinds of illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, back pain and gut problems. It can give us a feeling of “being tired all the time”. Stress can also lead to us feeling quite anxious and depressed or experiencing panic attacks.

Getting help – Stress Counselling Cork

I have specialist knowledge in working with clients suffering from stress both in the workplace and in their personal lives. Counselling can help you by giving you a safe and reflective space to begin to explore your life and what is contributing to your stress levels. I will help you to understand the psychological and physical symptoms you experience and how you can start to make life changes so you can improve the quality of your life and your well-being and mental health. The safe therapeutic space gives you time to reflect, explore and examine what is contributing to your stress levels, how you experience and respond to stress, how you can learn skills and new attitudes to have a better balance in your life and how to prioritise and assert your personal needs.

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