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Counselling Cork: About Mindfully Well

Most people who contact me have never been to a counsellor before and it’s usually quite a big deal for them to take the plunge. Their reasons are broadly the same: The lives we lead today are challenging and it’s easy to feel that things have got on top of us, whether it’s the work environment or home life or a combination of both. As a result we can feel stressed and anxious and eventually this stops us having a good night’s sleep. Life becomes a struggle, we feel miserable and low. Or irritable and snappy and anger that we worry we can’t control. The “worry switch” in our brains seems to be permanently on – we can feel the tension across our shoulders and a tightness in our chests. Our physical health might start to suffer – we always seem to feel sick and tired. Some of us start to drink more in order to cope, some of us find we are craving sugary fatty foods, needing more of a nicotine fix to get us going or any number of other addictions just to make life bearable. We know HOW to lead a healthy life, but we just can’t summon the motivation to start to make the necessary changes.

When we acknowledge “I just can’t cope”, when we start to look for help and support, it can feel absolutely terrifying, BUT this is the point where miracles can and do happen.

The counselling sessions are all about encouraging self-reliance, confidence, lasting emotional health and self esteem.. It’s a safe, confidential and supportive space. In the first session we decide whether we feel that we can work together and look at what your goals are. Some people find that a short term solution-focused approach (where we start from where you are now and focus on getting you to where you’d like to be in as few sessions as possible) is the right one for them. Others find that they need to take things more slowly and really look at things in depth. (Click here for a longer article about the difference between short and long term therapy.) I use the most up to date, effective psychological techniques based on a modern understanding of the brain/mind/body system and what people really need to thrive and be happy.

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