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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression

My previous blog past looked at the close links between Anxiety and Depression – the fact that many people suffer from what could be described as “agitated depression” or “anxious depression” which is made up of roughly equal amounts of helplessness (anxiety) and hopelessness (depression). And just as you can think yourself into anxiety by assessing your situation as precariously out of control, so can you ponder your way into the depths of depression by telling yourself that your situation leaves no room for hope.

This article looks at particular symptoms which are common to the both anxiety and depression:

Sleep disturbance, whether it’s difficulty falling asleep or waking up in the early hours unable to get back to sleep – the basic problem relates to feeling all keyed up and not being able to let go of distressing, ruminative, or excessively self-absorbing thoughts

Restlessness, in ability to sit still, sometimes resulting in agitated pacing about, is common to both anxiety and depression

• Irritability, directed primarily towards the self but can also start to affect those around you

A sense of fatigue and exhaustion – both Anxiety and Depression can easily sap your energy and obviously lack of sleep only adds to this

• Difficulty concentrating, or your mind’s going blank

• Obsessively pessimistic and painful thoughts about the future, as well as the past

• Worry – although we usually associate worry with anxiety rather than depression, fears about your health, relationships or future are quite common in depression too

• Irrational feelings of guilt, being disappointed with yourself for not being able to gain control over your emotions or to keep them from putting a strain on your relationships)

Tearfulness – being so overcome by distressful emotions that you’re easily moved to tears over your situation

• Loss of appetite or overeating

• Loss of pleasure in things that previously interested you (with depression this can escalate into apathy about living itself)

• Loss of motivation and ambition

• Loss of self-esteem and -confidence

• Physical complaints: various aches and pains, especially headaches

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