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Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression

If someone asked you what do you think  are the causes of depression, what might you answer? Do you believe it’s a medical illness caused by genes and faulty brain chemistry? A condition that needs to be treated by anti-depressant drugs? A personal failure or sign of weakness? Evidence of some deeper hidden problem perhaps going back to childhood? In ways of thinking about the responding to depression show that actually none of these are true.

EVERYONE is vulnerable to depression. If you are capable of having a mood, you are capable of having a mood disorder!

The result of not having our basic needs met

One way to look at causes of depression is to see depression as the result of not having our basic physical and emotional needs met. If you put a plant in an environment where it cannot survive, in a dark, dry place with not enough earth, sunlight or water – it will wither away. This is not the fault of the plant; it is the fault of the surroundings. It has all its biological systems intact but is unable to use them properly to survive. Likewise, if a human being is situated in an environment that is toxic, and are unable to get their innate emotional and physical needs met, they will suffer in the same way by exhibiting signs of mental distress – whether it’s depression, anxiety, anger or addiction.

Perhaps they are in a difficult situation at work, at home or elsewhere. Perhaps they are lonely, and need to be with others or feel part of a community, perhaps they are in a relationship which isn’t working for them, their status has taken a sudden fall or they feel they have no meaning in their lives and are not being stretched enough. Whatever the issue is, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible because it is exactly these situations that can be causes of depression.

To treat a plant that is dying in an environment that is unhealthy for it, you must remove it from the dark into sunlight and give it regular watering and quality soil to take nutrition from. To treat someone living in a toxic environment, the answer is obvious – change the toxic environment or situation (or remove the person from the toxic environment) so they can get their emotional needs met in a healthy way – then the depression will lift and the person will flourish.

For more information on human emotional needs and causes of depression go to the Human Givens website: (Alison is a trained Human Givens therapist).

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